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Addressing Indoor Air Quality as a health issue

Published on 28 May, 2021

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“The key is in the air.” This is how Felipe Fernández Espejel, CEO of Arquitectura Saludable, sums up the importance of controlling ventilation and ensuring that the air in our buildings and homes is clean, free of pathogens toxins that harm our health.

That is the main objective of Arquitectura Saludable, a company specialized in providing solutions that combine scientific knowledge, technology, and experience to convert closed spaces into healthy spaces. The AS team comprises architects, engineers, and experts in cutting-edge technology who help companies, entities, and organizations find the ventilation, monitoring, filtration and purification system that best suits their needs. Arquitectura Saludable solutions are indoor air monitoring with the Nanoenvi® IAQ device, developed by ENVIRA.

Air quality has become a key factor in the aftermath of the pandemic, which has shown that the response to airborne viruses was too weak.

Numerous studies have confirmed the close relationship between air quality and coronavirus, with proven evidence that SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease, is more easily transmitted indoors and that good ventilation of closed spaces substantially reduces that transmission. Knowing what the air we breathe is like contributes to the creation of safer environments.

For Fernández Espejel “in the future, the air and ventilation of the built environment will be increasingly important, because we need to know that the places where we live, and work are healthy and safe”.

To materialize this commitment to the health of indoor spaces, Arquitectura Saludable has signed an alliance with ENVIRA for the distribution of Nanoenvi® IAQ, a device that continuously monitors indoor air quality for managers or owners of public spaces to make decisions to improve people’s health and well-being. This device monitors the parameters of:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Carbon monoxide (CO).
  • PM10 and PM2.5 particles.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • RH.
  • Temperature.
  • Atmospheric pressure.

Based on them, Nanoenvi® IAQ calculates an index of ambient air quality that measures the level of health and well-being in indoor spaces. The users of the facilities will be able to know the quality of the air they breathe with the naked eye, through color codes.

The possible values ​​of the index move in the range 0-7, being:

  • 7 optimal quality (blue LEDs).
  • 4-6 good quality (green LEDs).
  • 2-3 moderate quality (LEDs in yellow).
  • 0-1 poor quality (red LEDs).

The future of indoor air quality

Considering the current socio-sanitary situation, Fernández Espejel highlights the “importance of implementing solutions that protect people’s health and guarantee the viability of our companies and institutions.” The installation of an environmental quality monitoring system such as Nanoenvi® IAQ makes it easier for facility managers and users of closed spaces to make decisions that will improve the quality of the indoor environment and thus breathe healthier air.

Arquitectura Saludable’s commitment to the Nanoenvi® IAQ device allows incorporating an intelligent tool into its portfolio of solutions that will be key in this new normal, where air quality is presented as a priority and health issue.

Air quality has become a key factor in the aftermath of the pandemic, which has shown that the response to viruses spread through the air was too weak compared to other transmission vehicles such as water or food.

Addressing Indoor Air Quality as a health issue

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