IoT Case studies

AEMET Network as a background network

Since July 2012, Envira has been operating the background air pollution monitoring network of Spain Meteorological Agency (AEMET), called EMEP/VAG/CAMP Network.

The activity carried out by Envira includes all actions needed for the correct performance of the measurement systems, the collection and shipping of samples, as well as the transmission and filing of the data collected, fulfilling, among others, the following actions:

  • Safe-keeping and caretaking of the EMEP/VAG/CAMP Network.
  • Maintenance of the EMEP/VAG/CAMP Network.
  • Calibrations and verifications of the EMEP/VAG/CAMP Network.
  • Sample shipping.
  • Collection and real-time transmission of data. Processing and filing of data.
  • Issuing and submitting reports.

The maintenance of these systems includes 13 air quality measuring stations, 1 mobile unit and a data processing centre (DPC).

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