Air quality analyzers

We distribute a wide range of air quality analyzers, zero air and nitrogen generators, dilutors, gas chromatographs, calibrators and particle counters.

Air Quality Analyzers

The automated air systems provide high reliability and guarantee strict compliance with the most exacting technical and legal requirements. In this field, ENVIRA offers complete solutions: from the supply of analyzers of inorganic gases, particles and organic compounds to their installation and integration with measurement stations.

Teledyne API

Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI) offers a whole portfolio of products for monitoring air quality and emissions.

Equipment to monitor pollution in industrial processes.




Ama Instruments

AMA Instruments supplies an extensive variety of analyzers for the environmental monitoring of pollutant gases.

Systems for continuous monitoring of organic compounds in air and gaseous samples.

COVs Analyzers.

BTX Analyzers.

Met One Instruments

The air quality analysis equipment from Met One Instruments offer high precision particle monitorings.

Maximum precision for measuring suspended particles.

Continuous particle analyzers.

Black carbon analyzers.

Particle meters in controlled environments.


Automated particulate matter measuring systems in air with type aproval (equivalent method)

Reliability, measurement accuracy and long-term stability

Low maintenance cost

Optical non-contact measurement

Designs adapted to different measurement requirements and installation situations