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Air quality monitoring

Control of environmental monitoring networks

The continuous quality control confirms that the uncertainties of the values measured in ambient air remain within the limits established during the field continuous measuring periods. This requires monitoring the maintenance, test and calibration processes.

Procedures for gas analysis

ENVIRA's work protocols and reference materials contain all the requirements needed to guarantee the level of quality required and the compliance with the uncertainty requirement needed.

We have specific work procedures adapted to the requirements of the standards applied to gas analysers.

• Zero and range verifications.
• Zero and range or multipoint calibration.
• Failure to adjust.
• Converter efficiency.
• Test of sample distributor.
• Test of sampling lines.

Procedures for particle analysis

We also have work procedures for automatic and manual particle analyzers:

• Verifications of pressure, temperature and humidity.
• Calibration of pressure, temperature and humidity.
• Verification of flow.
• Calibration of flow.
• Verification of zero reading.
• Verification of leaks in the sampling system.
• Verification of mass measuring system.

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