Animal health monitoring

Development of monitoring devices

Envira has developed Nanoenvi FARM to fulfil the need of farm managers to optimise their operations. Data help the farm manager to establish new strategies for beds and ventilation, to minimise the levels of toxic gas and thus to improve productivity. This reduces the possibility of respiratory diseases, improves the poultry's welfare and makes the environment nicer and safer for workers, and besides it reduces the cost of ventilation by ventilating only when it is really needed.

Data coordination and handling

The main module in the system, with an industrial computer, a 3G/LTE router and a coordinator of wireless communications, handles the communications with the measurement nodes or modules and stores the data, with tools for data analysis and creation of alerts.
Each remote module can be equipped with up to 8 sensors, and its very low consumption allows it to work with a small solar panel. The system is programmed for data collection according to the integration period intended, and the data are wirelessly sent to the central module at planned intervals.

These remote modules can also work autonomously, without the central module, using a 3G modem to send the data directly to a cloud server belonging to ENVIRA or to other third party. It uses standard protocols (Ejp JSON) for communications, which can be tailored to send data to a third party.

Wide range of sensors

Other sensors:

As the design belongs to Envira, we can develop connectors for any other kind of sensor with continuous outlet, both analogical or digital (RS-232, RS-485 or SDI-12).

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