Background Monitoring Systems

Maintenance of background systems

ENVIRA handles the technical maintenance, data collection and transmission to the Spanish network EMEP/VAG/CAMP for measuring Background Pollution.
Thanks to the measurements obtained, the levels of pollution in region can be established and the transport of pollutants from the sources to far places can be assessed. Each station must be representative of a wide area surrounding it, so alterations must be avoided that can influence the data.

Continuous analysis of background pollution

To measure background pollution in all these locations, there are on-site stations with equipment that can analyse organic compounds, particles and gases, that can transmit the data collected to ENVIRA's control centre in real time (if our company handles the measurement data), or to the control centre of the company owner of the Network.
Each station has a data acquisition system, usually with continuous data registration and transmitting those data to a control and management centre.
The measuring parameters most usual in the stations are: SO2, SH2, NO2/NO/NOX, CO, O3, BTX, PM10 and PM2,5, but other less usual parameters can also be measured, such as cadmium, lead, etc. Usually not all the parameters are measured at the same time, but, depending on the particular area, ones or others are selected.
Besides, these measuring networks ensure the compliance with the obligations, which Spain has assumed, established in the Geneva Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution.

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