Buildings structural health monitoring

Historic buildings

The historic heritage of a region is, as well as an important cultural value, a first-order touristic facility and, in many cases, one of the most important sources of money for the cities.
They are frequently old buildings, built with fragile materials whose preservation has not always been as adequate as required.
Nanoenvi sensor solutions make it easy to control, in real time, the environmental and structural conditions of historic monuments and goods, allowing to optimise at the same time their correct preservation and their touristic and economic exploitation.

Industrial building

Structures and buildings in industrial surroundings (chimneys, furnaces, reactors, overhead cranes, warehouses, silos, storehouses, etc.) are usually subjected to extreme environmental and use conditions: very high or very low temperatures, corrosive environments, blows, heavy loads, moisture, etc. Conditions that prevail for a long time, with few maintenance stops.
Besides, each stop implies a significant cost due to the maintenance operations and to the cost of the opportunity provoked by the stop.
Thanks to sensors such as extensiometric gauges, inclinometers, laser levels, accelerometers, etc., it is possible to monitor the structural health of industrial buildings in real time and without stops for manual measurements.

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