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Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS)

Design, supply and installation of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for many different industrial installations (cement plants, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, paper plants, etc.).

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Turn-key CEMS solutions

The manufacture is based on designs by ENVIRA, always taking into account the client's specifications/requests, as well as the legal requirements applicable depending on the type of installation.

The standard shelter has a free-standing metallic structure with lateral sandwich panels, are thermally insulated, resistant to humidity, corrosion and fire, so that the instruments inside are in ideal working conditions, always following the manufacturer stipulations.

Typical supplies related to CEMS

- Gas analyzers: extractive or “in-situ”.
- Sample conditioning and handling.
- Particle measuring devices.
- Auxiliary instruments: oxygen, temperature, pressure, humidity.
- Equipment for flow measuring
- Gas bottles for verifying the systems regularly.
- Data acquisition systems

Maintenance and calibration of CEMS

Our CEMS are optimized to provide high reliability with little maintenance. Maintenance operations take place in a programmed and predictive way to minimize incidents and corrective maintenance, thus achieving little data loss. The calibration routines guarantee the traceability, the control of precision and the drift of the CEMS.

Training programs for emission monitoring systems

We have several training programs about the design, manufacture and maintenance of continuous emission monitoring systems. These courses include, among other aspects:

- Design of shelters and instrumentation cabinets.
- Monitoring instrumentation used.
- Sampling and sample treatment systems.
- Most usual problems detected in the monitoring systems.
- Calibration and maintenance protocols.
- Applicable legislation for CEMS.

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