Ama Instruments

ENVIRA is the distributor and official technical support for AMA Instruments products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra since 2009.


DIM 200

DIM 200 provides highly-accurate gas mixtures. The user interface ensures an easy set-up and all the information is available through a backlit LCD screen. The system allows programmed calibrations and it can be remotely controlled through MODBUS. It can be completely integrated with AMA analyzers.


GC 5000 BTX

AMA GC5000 BTX has been specially designed for measuring organic compounds in the air, in a range between C4 and C12. It can measure in levels of ppt. It is the perfect choice for industrial applications and air quality.



The HG500 series of high-purity hydrogen generators offer high performance and reliable operation. Thanks to the high purity of the hydrogen produced, it can be used with any kind of combustion detector and as a source for carrier gas in GC applications. This model uses the SMARTdryTM technology, which makes desiccant cartridges unnecessary.

ZAG 300

The zero-air generator ZAG 300 continuously removes organic compounds and carbon monoxide from sources of compressed air. This air free of hydrocarbons is ideal for gas chromatography, THC analyzers and as reference zero gas in gas dilution systems.

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