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Development of environmental management system for Endesa

Published on 10 March, 2023

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Envira works together with the Endesa Group to develop and improve a system for the management of environmental monitoring data from Thermal Power Plants that integrates all the information in a corporate database, enabling the generation of all the official documentation for the Administration in terms of environmental justification.

This system arises from the need to know the data ordered and verified by the end user to produce operational reports in accordance with the official regulations both for internal use and to send them to the corresponding bodies.

Characteristics of the Environmental Management System

Among the functionalities of the application we can highlight:

  • Automatic loading of data sent by the environmental monitoring and control systems of the thermal power plants, through files sent daily by the plant systems.
  • Maintenance of the data received.
  • Introduction of manual data necessary for the calculation of emissions or information collected by non-automated stations.
  • Generation of official reports and reports for internal use based on the validated information.
  • Data export to other formats and for the Administration such as CIEMAT, Excel, Ministry files and SOCOIN.

From the calibrated and corrected hourly data collected in the field, the system transforms and calculates validated hourly, daily and monthly data for the main air pollutants:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, NOx)
  • Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
  • Particulate Matter (PM)

The system also calculates the total CO2 emissions from the data received automatically and from the data entered by the user.

The inputs to the system are made up of information sent from the Environmental Control Systems of each of the plants by means of two types of transmissions:

  • Automatic transmissions, carried out once a day (from 00:00 hours onwards), with the environmental data obtained the previous day on an hourly basis.
  • Manual sending of files by the user of the environmental control system. These files are used to incorporate into the system blocks of data validated in the local system or recovered from the remote stations before communication failures with them.

Data acquisition and monitoring software

maximizar produccion   One of the main objectives of companies that generate atmospheric emissions is to maximise production figures while maintaining the limits established in their integrated environmental authorisation and in the current regulations on atmospheric emissions.

control emisiones medioambientales   These emission data must be transmitted in real time to the competent authorities, which is why data acquisition and monitoring software is crucial.

requisitos legales  Having software that is robust and flexible enough both to connect to plant systems and to adapt to calculations, reports and new technical instructions will ensure that you can comply with what the legislation requires.

We develop and adapt the software to meet the needs of environmental management.

At Envira, we have data acquisition and monitoring systems that include modules for analysing, validating and exploiting the data collected in real time, and a team of software developers to ensure that the applications and platforms are properly maintained, adapted and aligned with specific technical requirements.

In this way, and thanks to this customised environmental management system, the Endesa Group has been able to improve the forecasting and integrated control of pollutant emissions, revising the environmental permit system with the aim of complying with current legislation while minimising production inconvenience.

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