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Envira becomes partner of Palas GmbH

Published on 23 December, 2022

Corporate News,

Envira has officially become a partner of the german company Palas GmbH due to its experience and technological capacity in particulate matter measurement equipment.
With this agreement, Envira adds to its portfolio of devices and instrumentation a range of products that are differentiated by their technological development and simplicity.

For its part, Palas becomes a partner of a reference company in the measurement of physical-chemical parameters at international level and with the capacity to deploy solutions that cover the complete cycle of environmental monitoring, from the acquisition of data via devices and instrumentation, its validation and interpretation through Envira’s software, as well as the maintenance and calibration services provided by the company through its field operators and its ENAC-certified calibration laboratory.

Palas GmbH and the reasons for the Partnership agreement

Palas® is a leading company in the development and manufacture of high precision devices for the measurement of airborne particles. It highlights the number of patents and its portfolio of equipment among which are:

Fine dust and nanoparticle measurement devices.
Aerosol spectrometers
Certified generators and sensors

Its particle measurement technology allows simultaneous measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 particles. It features equipment without consumables or moving parts and offers great flexibility in installation, since the sensor and process unit are independent and small in size.
Response times are considerably improved, with data per minute for PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations. Unlike other competitors, it has no radioactive sources or other materials that are difficult to recycle or dispose of.

Its easy integration with current control systems, with bus communication, facilitates diagnosis and its implementation in computerized maintenance systems.

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