Envira DS Environment

ENVIRA DS - Environment is a SCADA WEB system that can be installed in all types of sensor networks for monitoring and control.


  • Flexible

    Developed with Java technology, all the components in the ENVIRA DS – Environment system are completely “containerized”, thus making it easier to be installed, set up and maintained, and its software embedded in Edge devices or web servers of any kind.

    This flexibility in the software, together with its capacity for interoperability among different instances and with other systems through any of the usual web protocols, ensures that the product ENVIRA DS – Environment can be adapted to a topology of the network designed to satisfy the specific needs in each case.

  • Interoperable

    ENVIRA DS – Environment implements mechanisms to ensure its interoperability with any kind of IoT systems and platforms through standard protocols such as REST, MQTT or CoAP, as well as industrial systems through Modbus, SPI, etc.

  • Analytics

    The modules for data analysis in the product ENVIRA DS – Environment implement algorithmic packages for processing, validating and exploiting the raw data captured by sensorics, as well as its treatment, to generate useful information and help in decision making. These modules allow, among other functionalities, to make statistical calculations for the control of immission/emission according to the law, to identify anomalous situations and to handle the warnings automatically, sending messages or e-mails to the technicians, or even activating actuating elements in the automatic control system if necessary.

GUI - Graphic User Interface

ENVIRA DS - Environment allows consulting and monitoring real-time or history data by means of web dashboards that can be easily tailored for the final user from an extensive catalogue of graphic widgets, among them: tables, maps, graphics, wind roses, dials, etc.


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