Envira DS LOG

ENVIRA DS LOG is a small Scada system that can be set up in remote stations to monitor parameters and sensors that require local autonomy top work.


  • Compact system

    The footprint of the program ENVIRA DS LOG, reduced both in process capacity and memory, enables it to be installed and to work in EDGE equipment installed in the field.
    ENVIRA DS LOG is supplied embedded in industrial equipment (PC) in Rack 19” format, or in IoT equipment -Inte Nuc devices-.

  • Industrial communications

    ENVIRA DS LOG has an extensive portfolio of drivers for its integration with the usual industrial protocols (MODBUS, SPI, etc.) and, specially, with gas and air quality analyzers.

  • Edge computing

    ENVIRA DS LOG is a modular product, highly customizable and adaptable to each specific case, to each particular industry. Among others, the system ENVIRA DS LOG includes modules for the analysis, validation and management of data collected in real time with several purposes: integration with other control or industrial systems (such as MES, ERPs systems, etc.), integration with external control systems; generation of regular reports; detection of anomalous situations and, therefore, warning alerts.

GUI - Graphic User Interface

In order to manage the data collected in the field, ENVIRA DS LOG has multiple setting options for displaying the information in the equipment (as long as it has HMI interface); among others:

• Datasheets or trend graphics.



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