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ENVIRA IoT and RG Gestión Energía join forces to improve indoor air quality

Published on 16 February, 2021

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The importance of establishing new actions in the economic and productive model is a key factor in dealing with climate change. In this sense, companies such as ENVIRA IoT and RG Gestión y Energía play a key role, helping organizations and companies to achieve more sustainable development of their activities. For this reason, they have recently teamed up to offer a solution to the market that improves indoor air quality.

RG Gestión y Energía: comprehensive management of energy services

The search for energy efficiency and the optimization of energy resources is a highly complex task that requires a high level of dedication and knowledge, and RG Gestión y Energía is a company that understands that sustainability begins with proper energy management.

RG Gestión & Energía is a pioneer company in the provision of comprehensive energy services aimed at promoting energy efficiency, sustainability, and social responsibility, contributing to the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and optimizing the economic result of its projects and facilities. customers, since it allows them to outsource their energy management partially or totally.

The implementation of the services provided by RG Gestión y Energía contributes directly to the community, national and regional objectives in terms of energy-saving and the promotion of renewable energies. Through its services, energy savings can be obtained in large facilities that can achieve high levels of savings in consumption, optimizing the operation of the facilities and without reducing their environmental quality.

RG Gestión y Energía combines all the services necessary to obtain energy savings. The integration of energy services for the implementation or maintenance of projects allows its clients to outsource energy requirements and thus dedicate themselves exclusively to the central activity of their installation, being more efficient at an energy and operational level.

Some of its main clients are Arcelor Mittal, Central Lechera Asturiana, Veolia, Thyssen Krupp, Cepsa, El Corte Inglés and Fundación SEPI, among others.

ENVIRA IoT: maximum specialization in air quality

International commitments such as the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) establish tools to fight against one of the biggest environmental and social problems that exist today: Climate Change. In this sense, ENVIRA IoT is a company specialized in the development of monitoring solutions for environmental parameters and structural health, a benchmark in air quality, which has been providing mechanisms for the sustainable development of their activities for more than 30 years, at the service of organizations and institutions. adapting its processes and operations to changing environmental regulations, as well as knowing, controlling and managing the origin and dispersion of emissions and pollutants present in the atmosphere.

This experience in air quality has led its IoT department to develop the Nanoenvi IAQ device, which allows the deployment of monitoring networks for the management and control of environmental and energy efficiency parameters within smart buildings, capable of integrating with IoT platforms or with control systems of the buildings themselves. This indoor air quality solution makes it easier for managers or owners to make decisions to improve people’s health and well-being, thanks to the fact that they can consult in real-time information about the quality of the breathed air in an application and from any device. Nanoenvi IAQ is indicated for placement in homes, work centers, classrooms, hospitals, conference rooms, garages, laboratories, cinemas, theaters, etc.

monitorización IAQ

With a compact and modern design, the Nanoenvi IAQ device can be easily installed in any room and is equipped with high definition sensors for monitoring the following parameters.

IAQ parameters

In the fight against climate change, energy efficiency is the first tool to combat it, that is why RG Gestión y Energía and ENVIRA IoT join forces to offer a monitoring solution that improves indoor air quality and the efficiency of indoor spaces. The aim is to provide building managers with a smart and sustainable tool that at the same time contributes to reducing their carbon footprint.

ENVIRA IoT and RG Gestión Energía join forces to improve indoor air quality

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