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ENVIRA IoT partners Sinay to ensure a better air quality in ports

Published on 27 August, 2021

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Oviedo. August 26, 2021. ENVIRA IoT has expanded its presence in France through a strategic partner alliance with Sinay, a French tech start-up at the forefront of the development of data-driven modules to solve real problems within the maritime sector.

As they say «We love Data, we love the ocean, we connect both». Sinay gives maritime industries the power to master their data to reduce their environmental impact while improving their business efficiency through the Sinay Hub solution. This end-to-end maritime-based operational tool provides indicators to make better decisions: they gather data and transform it into key indicators with Artificial Intelligence.

Real time-monitoring: a key competitive advantage for ports

Nowadays sustainability is a key challenge to be compliant with regulations and give more transparency. How is it possible to get it? The answer is with sensors and data.

With ports becoming more digital and smarter, it’s important to also pay attention to the quality of life of their workers and nearby inhabitants. ENVIRA IoT has developed Nanoenvi EQ, an IoT device that can monitor gas and particles, creating wireless monitoring air quality networks. The equipment includes sensors for H2S, CO, NO2, SO2, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and relative humidity.

To make fast and accurate decisions about the environment, Sinay’s Air Module is the best tool for shipping and port companies. By using it, they can optimize their sustainability by monitoring environmental parameters in real-time and reducing at the same time the impact on biodiversity and citizens.

By implementing an air quality monitoring system, ports can see real-time key indicators which give them situational awareness of all activities. Sinay’s Air Module helps port and shipping companies to know which activities could increase air pollution during which time periods and allows them to use concrete data to make key decisions and be more aware of which activities are causing harm. The three main benefits of real-time air quality monitoring are the protection of the environment, protection of the population and regulatory compliance

About Sinay: Big data at the service of the maritime industry

Sinay is a tech start-up founded in 2008 with a strong experience in Big Data in the marine environment. They have developed Sinay Hub, a time-saver tool with maritime data-driven modules that solve real problems and drive efficiency with advanced data analytics using real-time situational awareness.

About ENVIRA IoT: accurate monitoring of environmental parameters

ENVIRA IoT is a company specialized in advanced environmental monitoring and a leader in comprehensive automatic systems for monitoring environmental quality and the manufacture of IoT devices. These are characterized mainly by the stability and precision of their measurements: all sensors are calibrated in a laboratory to guarantee maximum accuracy and traceability in the data.

ENVIRA IoT partners Sinay to ensure a better air quality in ports

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