ENVIRA IoT sponsor of the Smart City Congress (Congreso de Ciudades Inteligentes)

Published on 6 May, 2019

Espacio La Nave (Madrid)

ENVIRA IoT sponsors the fifth edition of the Smart City Congress (Congreso de Ciudades Inteligentes), an event that aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences about smart cities, with technology and innovation as the basic tools of their development.

During the celebration of this reference forum, the main topics related to Smart Cities will be addressed in a transversal, multidisciplinary and multisectoral manner, showing initiatives that are currently being developed.

Attendees can learn about the urban, social possibilities of Smart Cities, with an eminently practical format based on the presentation of projects already developed or in development.

Public Administration professionals, technology centers, universities, training centers, solutions and systems providers, users, non-profit organizations, architects, engineers and urban planners will be part of this edition in which ENVIRA IoT has wanted to give its support as a sponsor of the event.

The Smart City Congress will take place on June 26, 2019, in Espacio La Nave of Madrid City Council.

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