Fence line monitoring

Design of equipment according to monitoring needs

We select the sensors in the market that are best adapted, both in detection range and limit, to the requirements established; we design the communication system most adequate for the surroundings; and we implant the software to handle alerts and warnings. These perimeter monitoring systems include the following elements:

Measurement devices

They are our analysers Nanoenvi EQ for gas measuring or Nanoenvi EQPM in the case of particle monitoring. We have H2S, CO, NO2, VOC and SO2 sensors for these monitors, as well as PM10 and PM2.5 particle gauges.


In order to guarantee the communications, our devices have several communication modules with several technologies constantly updated with new technological advances.
At the moment, we have the following homologated technologies:
• 3G.
• 4G LTE.
• Radio frequency.
• Wired or wireless Ethernet (WIFI)

Data management

Para la gestión de los datos nuestra plataforma ENVIRA DS es el complemento ideal para la recepción de los datos de los sensores, almacenamiento de los mismos en la base de datos local o en nube, gestión de los usuarios y de alarmas y elaboración de informes. Las alarmas a los usuarios se pueden enviar por mensajes SMS (Se precisa hardware adicional o suscripción a un servicio de mensajería) o por correo electrónico.
Each user can set up the measurement points that will send the information and at which levels the alerts will be activated. The user, from their own mobile phone, can check the values and activate the alert protocols deemed necessary. Our systems can also interchange data with systems developed by third parties by means of specific connectors.

Some examples of perimeter monitoring

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