Flood warning systems

Rain gauge sensors

Our rain gauge sensors have the following elements:

Tipping bucket with digital outlet for accurate and repeatable measurements, as well as low maintenance.

Electronic unit for data collection and communications (Nanoenvi Mote). Designed for low energy consumption, this electronic device is fed by a small solar panel and is always in sleep mode until a rain event is detected.
Communications are handled by the device, which sends daily information at a programmed interval: when rainfall is detected, immediate when an established hour value has been surpassed, 12 hours or daily. It also sends working warnings, such as low battery and, at least once a day, a message of correct working.

It includes several optional communications modules (3G, Lora, Sigfox) and soon also NB. The format of the messages can be adapted to the needs of the client's monitoring centre by means of drivers developed for this purpose.

Monitors for the level of water in riverbeds

These monitors include a radar level sensor with a maximum range of 10 to 70 metres. This technology allows for independent measurements of the environmental conditions. Its high availability is due to the absence of erosion and maintenance, thanks to the principle of contactless measuring.

The acquisition and communications technology (Nanoenvi mote) continuously controls the level of water and sends data to the supervision centre at planned intervals or, when a certain level has been surpassed, it generates a communication of data and SMS to the authorised users.

The system is totally autonomous, fed by a solar panel and batteries, with 3G standard communications but with the possibility of other technologies such as LORA, Sigfox and soon NB.

Management Software

We have developed a tailored version of our ENVIRA DS system for the management of data and warnings, specially designed for this kind of warning systems.

Data from the sensors are received and automatically processed, generating tailored dashboards at the monitored area and profiting from all the alert management tools, by SMS or e-mail, available at the platform ENVIRA DS.

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