Floods in Andorra: high technology for prevention

Published on 31 October, 2018

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Alert of possible floods in Andorra is a potential matter thanks to the IoT technology. The asturian company ENVIRA IoT has designed a permanent monitoring system for river water that monitories the flow and its behavior. It is useful too to detects possible water floods and warns of the risk of flooding.

The company has developed this project in Andorra, where they have implemented their technology with a network of eight stations in different bridges of the three main rivers that converge in Andorra La Vella.

8 stations against possible floods in Andorra

The eight remote and autonomous stations are composed of dataloggers that read water level, temperature and humidity sensors. The stations are connected in real time to a control center in such a way that, when a level exceedance is detected, defined independently for each station, it generates an alarm to a mobile phone and causes a call to the emergencies center.

The particularity of this system developed by the leading company in the IoT sector is that in the control center the alarms are not given by level, but by the flow. This is possible because the sensors measure the height of the river and, depending on the section in which they are located, it is possible to obtain a mathematical formula that converts the level into flow and velocity. At the same time, for this project, a series of users of the system have been defined who are alerted in case of flooding of the river with an SMS and an email indicating the improvement and a graphic.

Continuous monitoring to prevent floods

On the other hand, users also have at their disposal a web platform where they are informed of the evolution of levels, flows, and speeds. When the emergency center receives an alert, you can connect to it and observe the evolution of water floods. The data is sent to the center every fifteen minutes, but the stations acquire values every five, so every quarter of an hour the stations send three values, unless there is an alarm, then the communication will be immediate.

The Government of Andorra has relied on Bioma, partner of ENVIRA IoT in the Pyrenees country, for the implementation of a flood warning system as a preventive measure, since the waters of the Andorran river basins run through several cores of the population and historically the intense rains have caused recurrent avenues.

ENVIRA IoT is a company specialized in the development of monitoring solutions for environmental parameters and structural health in industrial, urban and agricultural environments. It also designs and develops devices for IoT networks and software platforms for the realization of precise calculations and analysis of parameters of Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and precision agriculture environments.

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