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A system for maintenance management, developed for systems that require regular attention to different elements of the installation as well as registration of its corrective activity and management of the related documentation.

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  • GESMAN has interconnection modules with the most usual industrial protocols to take diagnostics from machines and industrial equipment and thus predict failures or make it easy to solve them.

  • GESMAN, thorough this preventive industrial maintenance, helps companies to preserve and extend the durability of equipment and installations, always in compliance with the law. Equally important, GESMAN reinforces the control and monitoring of the defects found or the expiration date of equipment and installations in order to discover possible failures or shortcomings in the installations.


Industry 4.0

The GESMAN system uses the data ports of the equipment to monitor the operating parameters of the machinery in real-time with the aim of defining the optimal behavior patterns and detecting possible issues and sending early warning signals to the operator.


GESMAN integrates several algorithmic packages for the real-time analysis of the data extracted from the equipment maintained, thus making it easier to develop smart models for predictive maintenance.

Integrated management

The GESMAN system can be completely integrated in management and control systems, both at maintenance level (GMAO) and business level (ERP), interoperating with them to automatize the administrative management of all maintenance actions. Besides, GESMAN has its own modules to generate the documentation needed in the process.

Cloud based

GESMAN is 100% web-based and can be developed, except for the components of data acquisition integrated with the machine monitored, in any web server, with On Premise or SaaS models.


Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

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