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Published on 30 March, 2016

The aim of the project GireconCity is the creation of an advanced platform to improve and manage the energetic resources of the city. Its three main bases are: Air Quality, Water and Lighting. This project will put the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón on the national map of smart cities.

ENVIRA Sostenible, together with Nilu (Norwegian Institute for Air Research), has developed the research, design, installation and later study of the Air Quality pilot project, which consists of 5 NanoEnvi EQ devices installed in different places in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón.

All data generated by the monitoring systems is sent in real time for integration in the platform Smart Pozuelo, designed by the company Wairbut. This data centre integrates the storage, analysis and display of data from NanoEnvi EQ devices that monitor ozone, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, among other parameters.

The components of the solution are: the sensory node of public lighting, the sensory node for water resources, the on-board equipment in vehicles for monitoring pollution, the platform M2M integral management and operation centre, and the sensory node for air quality where ENVIRA Sostenible implements its NanoEnvi EQ technology in public lighting, together with the accessory for light power that maintains the equipment active without an electric supply.