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Our IOT Devices

The Nanoenvi devices are designed for high-precision monitoring in the most demanding surroundings. The Nanoenvi sensors are set up and calibrated individually, reach the maximum accuracy that technology can offer, and ensure the reliability and stability of the measurements. The Nanoenvi equipment can perform real-time communication by means of the usual IoT protocols and is delivered integrated in the IoT platform selected by the client, both through public and private APIs (provided by the client).

Nanoenvi EQ

Nanoenvi® EQ allows monitoring up to four polluting gases in a compact and autonomous device.

Make it possible to create wireless measuring networks for air quality.

High-resistant enclosure.

Integrated in IoT networks through the usual M2M protocols.

Notification of alarm.

Nanoenvi IAQ

The nanoenvi® IAQ device enables continuous monitoring of air quality indoors, both in public and private spaces.

Easy installation.

Designed for public and private buildings.

Measures parameters such as CO2, VOC, PM10 y PM2.5.

Integrated in IoT networks through the usual M2M protocols.

Nanoenvi URVAMM

Nanoenvi® UrVAMM is a mobile system to monitor air quality in urban environments, designed to be installed in public service vehicles.

Allows to easily identify the hot spots of pollution in cities.

Based on electrochemical technology.

Measuring pollutant gases such as CO, CO2, NO, NO2 and SO2.

Can be integrated in the IoT networks of the city.

Nanoenvi FARM

Nanoenvi® FARM is a powerful device designed to control the environmental conditions in intensive farming, increasing animal growth by reducing the possibilities of diseases, and thus improving the profitability of farms.

Central wireless module for intensive farming.

Collects real-time values from several sensors.

Provides valuable information about the working of the plant.

Alerts system module.

Nanoenvi MET

Nanoenvi® MET is a last generation system for the acquisition of data at weather stations, with many possible settings.

Professional data acquisition system.

Compatible with the main sensor manufacturers.

Integration with IoT communication networks using M2M protocols.

Designed to work under aggressive weather conditions.

Nanoenvi MOTE

The smallest of all Nanoenvi ® systems connects many several sensors in a very small device for IoT applications.

Allows the connection of a variety of sensors.

Monitors combinations of analog and digital inputs

Low consumption device and compact design.

Integration with IoT communication networks using M2M protocols.

Nanoenvi AG

Nanoenvi® Ag is a device developed for the collection and remote transmission of data in applications for precision agriculture.

Manufactured with high-resistant materials.

Works autonomously for an indefinitely period of time.

The equipment has 6 connectors for sensors.

Maximum accuracy, stability and reliability of the measurements.

Nanoenvi EQPM

Nanoenvi® EQPM has been designed for the continuous monitoring of particles in air quality applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Based on the technology of light-scattering.

Guarantee the stability and reliability of the measurements.

Integrated in IoT networks through the usual M2M protocols.

Can be combined with meteorological sensors.

Nanoenvi WATER

Nanoenvi® WATER is the last addition to the Nanoenvi range of solutions, designed for real-time monitoring of several physical and chemical parameters in fresh water.

Optimization of fertirrigation processes and real-time monitoring.

Integrated in IoT networks through the usual M2M protocols.

Maximum precision, stability, safety and reliability in the measurements.

Alarm setting.

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