Accredited calibration laboratory

ENVIRA's calibration laboratory has been accredited by ENAC in accordance to the criteria established in the Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and in the document CGA-ENAC-LEC, for calibrations, in the area of Chemistry-Gas Concentration and in the area of Gas Flow. Accreditation no. 163/LC10.117.

ENVIRA has been accredited by ENAC for the calibration of:

- Flow controllers and flow meters. Permanent laboratory and on-site calibrations.
- Air analyzers: SO2, CO, H2S, O3 and Benzene in our own facilities or on site.

Calibration of analyzers

ENAC's auditor team, highly specialized technicians, carries out a detailed periodic assessment of ENVIRA's calibration laboratory, including the calibration of gas analyzers and the verification of all the factors affecting the results obtained and their reliability.

Calibration of IoT devices

All the devices supplied by ENVIRA are calibrated at our laboratory with the instrumentation needed to verify an accurate, error-free measuring. The sensors in the IoT devices are calibrated with tests and essays so that the final result is as near as possible to the real value of the measuring

Extensive experience and maximum precision

ENVIRA's calibration laboratory has qualified professionals with extensive experience, which guarantees maximum precision in calibrations and ensures their traceability to national or international patterns. Thanks to our modern technical equipment and our use of the most adequate work methods and procedures for calibration, we can draw clear and accurate reports.

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