The analysis and evaluation of air quality data is as important as their collection, so that we can present, in a clear and concise way, an exhaustive analysis according to the necessary criteria.

The improvement in air quality is one of the main challenges of society nowadays because of its short, medium and long term effects on people’s health and on the environment. This means that optimal assessments of air quality are essential to make decisions based on analytical results.
ENVIRA’s professional team has extensive experience in the assessment of data obtained from air quality networks.

Our services also include:

• Data validation.
• Compliance of current legislation.
• Assessment reports.
• Audits of performance for measurement networks.
• Impact assessments for industrial activities.

In order to fulfil all these tasks, our technicians use both software tools developed by our company and statistical programmes such as R and its extension, Openair.

Pollution assessments

Our technicians perform analytical assessments according to the conditions established in the environmental authorisation of industries or in the monitoring programmes regulated by legislation. The assessments include the following information, as well as the requirements from other relevant documents:

Pollution assessment in measurement networks

For more than 25 years, ENVIRA has been assessing data from air pollution measurement networks belonging to public administrations and industries.

This assessment includes:

• Validation and verification of data.
• Supervision of QA/QC processes.
• Identification of sources.
• Comparison of results with current legislation.
• Design of action plans.
• Management of maintenance works.
• Monitoring of overflow episodes and activation of alert protocols.

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