Specific training

ENVIRA's technical department provides industries, consultants and operators with all the knowledge that we have collected by means of taylored training programmes.

The purpose of these programmes is the creation of technical teams capable of operating and maintaining networks ofanalysers of pollutant gases autonomously.
ENVIRA offers programmes for general or specific training for each manufacturer of analysers: Siemens, Met One, Teledyne, AMA Instruments orAnkersmid.

Training programmes

All training programmes are based on a participative and practical methodology, directly working with real systems developed and performed by ENVIRA's technical team.
ENVIRA's installations and labs, as well asthe monitoring networks all throughout Spain, are prepared to fulfil the training. Our technical teams can also give in company courses both in Spain and abroad.

Content of our training

The content of our training programmes, both generic and focused on a specific trademark or model of analyser, include matters such as:

Training Programmes

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