Industry 4.0: Connectivity with legacy systems

Sensors to monitor variables

Nanoenvi devices allow setting sensors on the oldest machines to collect and transmit data related to their operations and maintenance in real time.
Some examples of the figures collected in industrial machinery are: oil temperature and thickness, temperature of motors, revolutions, vibrations of components or structures, concentrations of certain process gases, presence sensors, level of liquids, noise, etc.
Nanoenvi MOTE devices include IP67 protection for aggressive environments and can be set up anywhere at the plant, close to the machine to be monitored (or even inside it), thus guaranteeing the reliability of the measurement.
These devices can be equipped with different settings for transmitting data, using both data networks (WiFi, 3G, LPWAN, etc.) and industrial buses (Modbus, Profibus, CANbus, etc.)

Control systems

Control systems operate inside the factory, handling all the automatic processes, both those related to the production and other auxiliary processes such as security, maintenance or logistics.
The main components of this kind of systems are PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): microcontrollers that can receive analogical and digital signals and generate a response in real time.
ENVIRA has developed a series of drivers for the interoperability of PLCs by means of industrial standard protocols such as SPI, MODBUS, CANbus or Profibus. This allows the integration of the systems at the plant with all kinds of networks and IoT industrial platforms.

Scada Systems Scada

ENVIRA DS platform makes it easy to integrate the SCADA systems (industrial systems for the collection and display of data generated by the plant's automatic control system) with industrial IoT platforms or any other kind of applications or systems to process, analyse and exploit data.
Thanks to standard protocols (OPC, Modbus, etc.), ENVIRA DS gives access to the information handled by the SCADA systems and provides new data from different external processes and applications, generating useful information to support decision-making at the level of the plant and at a strategic level.

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