IoT Case studies

Monitoring Bodega Terras Gauda vineyards

The main aim of precision farming is to optimize the management of a field from the following points of view:

  • Agronomic: adjusting farming practices to the needs of the plant.
  • Environmental: reducing the impact of agricultural activity.
  • Economic: increasing competitiveness by means of greater efficiency in practices.

Besides, precision farming gives the farmer many pieces of information that can:

  • Become a real memory of the country.
  • Help make decisions.
  • Advance towards traceability needs.
  • Improve the intrinsic quality of agricultural products.

In cooperation with SERESCO (, ENVIRA has developed the NANOENVI Mote systems for the collection of data from different sensors such as air temperature and humidity, leaf moisture, soil temperature, wind speed, soil humidity, rainfall, etc.

This data is sent to our partner’s cloud servers by means of very low-cost 3G communications.

For this project, 15 Nanoenvi Mote systems and two weather stations have been installed to give the technicians in Terras Gauda real-time information about the state of the vineyards so that they will be able to react against infestations such as mildium, which can affect grape production and quality.

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