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Monitoring power consumption

Development of monitoring devices

ENVIRA develops tailored power consumption monitor system.
With our systems, the user has real-time information (24/7) to understand the use of power, where the highest consumption is and how, where problems can arise due to excessive or anomalous consumption, and to determine the areas in the installations where actions must be undertaken first to reduce consumption.
Besides, this knowledge allows an optimisation of costs by adapting consumption to the hours with the lowest price with the most economical provider.
The monitoring systems are very useful also for consumers with low tolerance to electrical disturbances. In these cases, the need of the consumer for a reliable power source can outweigh the costs related to the dead time of the equipment (for example, loss of product, equipment, etc.). This kind of consumer can use the monitoring systems to identify and solve quickly the problems in the electrical system.
Our measuring devices use cutting-edge power control modules together with the wired or wireless communication capacities added by our system.

Coordination and data handling

The main module in the system, with an industrial computer and coordinator of wireless communications, handles the communication with the measuring nodes or modules, stores data locally and has the tools for data analysis and generation of warnings.
Each remote module can be equipped with at least 2 sensors. The system is programmed to collect data in a certain period of integration selected, and at planned intervals the data are sent wireless to the central module.
These modules can also work in a completely autonomous way without the central module, for isolated installations, because they can be equipped with a 3G modem to send data directly to a cloud server, which can be in a server in ENVIRA or a third party. For communications, it uses standard protocols (Ejp JSON) that can be tailored to send data to the system of third-parties.

Many possibilities for customisation

As the design belongs 100% to Envira, our system can be tailored in many ways, from monitoring only a system to monitoring all the systems in an industrial installation, with the degree of customisation needed.

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