Monitoring Shelters

Remote air & water quality monitoring stations

Design, distribution and installation of air and water quality monitoring stations for public and private organizations.

Turn-key installations.

Inside and outside configuration of the shelter.

Configurable warning systems.

Maintenance and calibration.

Customized shelters

ENVIRA designs, supplies and installs air and water quality customized monitoring shelters.

Supply of the shelter.

Supply of the analyzers.

Integration in the system for data collection, communication and transmission to the control center.

Adapted to the specific urban planning requirements.

Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS)

Design, supply and installation of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for many different industrial installations (cement plants, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, paper plants, etc.).

Turn-key CEMS supplies.

Manufacturing in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Maintenance and calibration.

Training programs on design, manufacturing and maintenance.

Mobile laboratories

Design and manufacture of mobile laboratories for air quality monitoring. The inside and outside equipment can be tailored.

Equipped with an extensive range of analyzers.

Completely configurable indoor equipment.

Tailored outside equipment.

Different models of vehicle.

Portable stations

ENVIRA IoT designs and supplies portable air quality monitoring stations.

Complementary measurements.

Configurable equipment.

Configurable alert system.

Maintenance and calibration.