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Nanoenvi® AG is a device developed for the collection and remote transmission of data in applications for precision agriculture.

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Robust & autonomous

Manufactured with highly-resistant materials: ASA Luran. The Nanoenvi AG device has been created to be installed both outdoors (fields, roads, forests, etc.) and indoors (storehouses, greenhouses, etc.). Thanks to the energy harvesting system (with solar panel) and to their low consumption, the Nanoenvi AG devices can work autonomously for an indefinitely period of time.

IoT device

The electronics of the Nanoenvi AG device has been completely designed by ENVIRA to adapt to the specific needs of Smart Agro applications, minimizing consumption and providing connectivity to all the specific sensors in the field (meteorological, gas, dendrometer, hygrometer, pH sensors, etc.)

The Nanoenvi AG equipment has the computation capacity required to process the information collected, issue (quitar business) rules to detect events (and notify the user by an alert system) or make algorithms for an initial analysis of the data collected (Edge). All the AG devices are delivered totally integrated in the IoT or Smart Agro platform chosen by the client.


The Nanoenvi AG equipment has 6 connectors for sensors, both analogical and digital. Nanoenvi is compatible with several types of sensors: meteorological (temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, etc.), gas (H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, etc.) or agricultural (humidity of the leaf, pH of the soil, dendrometers, etc.). Each sensor chosen to be installed in a Nanoenvi AG equipment, notwithstanding its type, is carefully prepared and calibrated at ENVIRA's certified calibration laboratory, thus ensuring the maximum accuracy, stability and reliability of the measurements.





2-32 MHz (adjustable for consumption optimization)


16 KB


4 KB


16 MB

External storage

up to 4GB in SD card


RTC (32 KHz)

Consumption modes

15mA (On), 600μA (idle power), 7μA (Power-down), 0.7μA (Power-save)

Solar panel charge

6 - 12 V - 150mA

Number of sockets for sensor waves


Enclosure material



Elastosil® Silicon rubber

Screws of the cover

Stainless steel

Type of protection

IP66EN 60529

Resistance to impact

Per ISO 2039-1

Ambient temperature (min.)

-10 ° C

Ambient temperature (max.)

50 ° C

Approximate weight

350 g

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