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Nanoenvi FARM

Nanoenvi® FARM is a powerful device designed to control the environmental conditions in intensive farming, increasing animal growth by reducing the possibilities of diseases, and thus improving the profitability of farms.

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General description

The Nanoenvi FARM system is based on a network of sensors installed in the most relevant locations of the farm (silos, warehouses, etc.), monitoring parameters such as:

• Temperature and humidity.
• Potentially hazardous gas concentrations: CO and CO2.
• Concentrations of dust and other suspended particles.
• Concentrations of hydrocarbons and benzenes.
• Noise.
• Brightness.
• Levels.

All the data received by the Nanoenvi FARM sensor network are processed in real-time by ENVIRA’s IoT platform, where the user has direct access to them, for viewing and subsequent exploitation.

Sensor network

Nanoenvi FARM is a modular and versatile system that allows you to quickly and easily integrate sensors of various types, adapting to the physical layout of the facilities, the housing model implemented in each case, the processes and operations and all its specific characteristics.

All sensors installed in the Nanoenvi FARM network are carefully selected and calibrated, one by one, in the ENVIRA certified laboratory, thus ensuring maximum precision, stability and reliability of the measurements regardless of external environmental conditions.


The devices that form part of the Nanoenvi FARM sensor network are made of a high resistance polymer (ASA Luran) and sealed with Elastosyl rubber and silicone, guaranteeing a level of IP66 protection that ensures its operation in the most aggressive environments.

The electronics housed in its interior were developed entirely by Envira IoT and enables the capture and processing of both analog and digital signals with maximum precision, communicating the measured values in real-time, via wireless WiFi or ZigBee networks.

Intelligent System

The Nanoenvi FARM control center receives the data flow captured by the sensors and carries out their validation and analysis through expert systems for the generation of monitoring reports on the operation, detection of risk situations, sending of the corresponding alarms or the forecast of any type of tasks. It implements different systems for capturing and defining heuristics and business rules that facilitate the adaptation of the system to all types of farms regardless of their characteristics.



Central module

Intel NUC with J1900 processor


64 Gb


3G communications for cloud connection and xbee or lora for connection to measuring nodes

Maximum number of nodes


Type of protection

IP65 EN 60529

Available settings

Monitor for poultry farms

Simultaneous monitoring of several plants in a farm

Alarm system in case of overflow

Tracker for livestock transport

Indoor air monitoring in livestock transport


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