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Nanoenvi MOTE

The smallest of all Nanoenvi ® systems connects several sensors in a very small device for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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The Nanoenvi motes (remote sensors) are made of ASA Luran, a very light and resistant plastic compound that, together with the thermo-sealing with Elastosyl rubber and silicon, provides them with an IP67 protection level. This ensures their correct performance in the most aggressive surroundings. Due to their resistance, compact design and capacity to perform autonomously (with solar panels), the sensorics can be installed anywhere.


The Nanoenvi MOTE equipment can control and monitor several combinations of inlets, both analogical and digital, from sensors or industrial equipment (through the most usual field buses).


The Nanoenvi motes have different connectivity configurations, which ensures their integration in any IoT communication network by means of the usual M2M protocols: WiFi, 3G, Ethernet, 6lowpan, LoRa®, Bluetooth, XBee®/ZigBee®, etc. The Nanoenvi motes are plug’n’play devices and include, in all versions, the standard programming needed to integrate them in the IoT platform chosen by the client -public product or owner- by means of standard protocols such as CoAP, REST or MQTT. In the case of owner platforms or with a specific configuration, the client must provide the connectivity specifications required.


Notwithstanding the technical limits imposed by their reduced consumption, the Nanoenvi motes have enough capacity to fulfill the most usual Edge operations: signal additions, filters, smoothings, pre-processing information, threshold assessment (to detect alert events), etc. The internal buffering system and the different sampling and communication policies that can be implemented allow the Nanoenvi motes to keep taking measurements even when connectivity has been cut off.

Product features





2-32 MHz (it can be set up to optimize consumption)


16 KB


4 KB


16 MB

External storage

up to 4GB in SD card


RTC (32 KHz)

Consumption modes

15mA (On), 600μA (idle power), 7μA (Power-down), 0.7μA (Power-save)

Solar panel charge

6 - 12 V - 150mA

Number of sockets for sensors


Enclosure material



Silicon rubber Elastosil®

Cover screws

Stainless steel

Type of protection

IP66 EN 60529

Resistance to impact

According to ISO 2039-1

Environment temperature (min.)

-10 ° C

Environment temperature (max.)

50 ° C

Approximate weight

350 g

Available settings

Green areas

Monitor the humidity content in the soil to optimize watering.

Humidity sensors and soil conductivity

Autonomous system with solar panel

Wireless communications

Flood alert

Monitor to prevent floods

Sensors for water level and temperature

Autonomous system with solar panel

3G communications

Structure monitors

Control of vibrations, cracks and other structural parameters to determine the structural health of the building

Wireless communications

Sensors for vibration, inclination, extensiometric gauges and position

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