Noise monitoring

Smart and more efficient systems are required to offer something more than sporadic monitoring of noise levels with technical devices.

The solution of continuous noise monitoring enables public administrations to know, in real time, the levels of noise and the areas that concentrate the highest levels, so that local policies for the prevention and reduction of noise can be established.

Composition of the noise monitoring solution

The solution for monitoring environmental noise in smart cities includes:

  • Sound level meter
  • System for data collection (datalogger).
  • Control center for data reception.
  • Information platform.

Monitoring noise in real time

A Nanoenvi network is established throughout all the strategic points in the city so that the sensors can monitor the level of noise pressure in the environment continuously that comes from construction noise and workplace noise.

Our wireless device enables a quick, economical and flexible display for monitoring and managing noise pollution. The equipment is a complement for our multipurpose weather station.

The noise monitoring system can be installed outdoors, on a streetlight or directly on a wall. It includes a damp-proof microphone and a protective cover to shield it from the elements.

Communication modules

Data display and analysis

Thanks to the integrated wireless communication module, the measurements are transmitted to the IoT platform Envira DS to monitor noise, where, once registered, they are available in real time by means of user applications.

Envira DS receives and stores the data related to noise from terminals and from each sensor, and it does the most monotonous and repetitive tasks: time base recalculation, day/evening/night calculation, analysis of incidents, comparison with regulatory limits, e-mail alerts, data download and creation of reports.

Thanks to Envira DS display and analysis systems, it is possible to:

  • Monitor the evolution of noise levels in the city.
  • Analyze the efficiency of measures against noise pollution.
  • Improve supervision in the areas with the highest levels of noise.
  • Assess compliance with the noise levels established in the legislation.
  • Provide information to conduct research on noise.
  • Develop action plans against environmental noise to guarantee the citizens’ welfare and satisfaction, and/or efficient local strategies adapted to the real situation of noise pollution in each area.
  • Foresee possible complaints from the neighbors.
  • Information activities for citizen awareness.

Warning system

The solution for noise monitoring enables the generation of warnings to notify in real time when certain levels of noise have been reached. Public bodies can then take immediate action to revert the situation.

Our clients have a platform at their disposal to see different noise indicators, percentiles, and indexes that can become useful information. It is also possible to create reports with the regularity defined by the users of the system so that they can get a real photograph of the situation and thus define action plans about acoustic comfort.


The following are among the main advantages of the noise monitoring solution:

Open solution, integrable with external developments at any level (device, connectivity, CLOUD or user application).

An unlimited number of devices can be included in future extensions.

High-reliable and available data in real time.

Tailored system.

Creation of data history for public administrations.