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On board Animal transfer monitoring

Monitoring of environmental conditions during transfer

ENVIRA has developed a portable system, like a black box, for the continuous on board animal transfer monitoring, for example, in one-day old chicks.

These birds are very sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity and to the presence of gases such as ammonia and CO2, so they are transferred in trucks with controlled conditions, although, due to the distribution of the trucks, many times the real conditions in the trays where the animals are placed are not known.

The device is a tailored version of the device Nanoenvi EQ, with CO2, ammonia, temperature and humidity sensors.

It has a very powerful internal battery with 24 hours autonomy and 4Gb of internal memory to store data.

It has also a GPS receiver for the ubication of the device, stored together with the time mark and the values of the sensors. To download the data, the device has a USB connection to record them in standard csv format so they can be exploited with commercial tools like Excel.

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