Optimisation of irrigation

Monitoring water conditions

For the continuous monitoring of water conditions in precision farming, ENVIRA has developed the Nanoenvi AG devices.
Optimised for minimal energy consumption, our devices are fed by a small solar panel, which means they are totally autonomous and with 24/7 availability. Each device can be connected to up to four sensors of water volumetric content in the soil in order to continuously detect the water available in the roots of plants and thus optimise watering to the level required at each moment.

The sensors used, with the highest accuracy, have been developed to perform for long periods in the most difficult environments and, due to their technology, are very little affected by the composition of the soil.

Measuring several physical parameters

Besides, we must add conductivity sensors, which inform us about the saline conditions of the soil and the variations when applying fertilisers and other additive to the water. We also have sensors to measure the pH and conductivity conditions to control the quality of irrigation water and the flows of the water consumed. Other sensors can be added to the system, such as rain gauges or anemometers, to complete the monitoring systems.
The communications with the optional communication modules are wireless. We have several, with 3g, LTE, LORA or Sigfox technologies.
Our data management system ENVIRA DS can handle data with a practically unlimited number of sensors, keeping under control all the green area and collecting useful, relevant and valuable information for the optimisation of the system.

Applications of the System

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