Our portfolio of products

High-precision sensorics for environmental monitoring. Certified gas analyzers. IoT devices for the collection and transmission of data via wireless networks of environmental sensors. Computer systems for real-time management and intelligent analysis of signals.

IOT Devices

Devices for the implementation of IoT sensor networks. High-performance and high-accuracy specs to handle and transmit the measurements.

Air quality analyzers

Internationally certified reference equipment. Distributor of MetOne, Teledyne and AMA.

Particulate matter collectors

Particulate matter collectors according to the standard gravimetric measurement method for determining the concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 (UNE-EN 12341: 2015). Authorized distributor of AMS Analitica.

Emission analyzers

Automatic systems for real-time monitoring of emissions and pollution parameters. Distributor of Siemens, Teledyne and Fives

Monitoring Shelters

On-site or mobile laboratories for automatic measuring systems.

Environmental monitoring Software

ENVIRA IoT is specialized in the development of computer systems for environmental monitoring and IoT platforms for collecting, storing and analyzing the physical signals captured by the sensors networks.

Meteorological sensors

Highly-accurate sensors and instruments to measure meteorological parameters (wind direction and speed, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.).

Conditioning systems

Conditioning systems of gas samples. Official distributor of Ankersmid and M&C.

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