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R & P Control committed to IoT technology for indoor air quality monitoring

Published on 28 July, 2021

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R&P Control and ENVIRA sign an alliance to offer a solution to the market that improves indoor air quality. From now on, the spanish company will become an official partner of the Nanoenvi ®IAQ indoor air quality monitoring device.

If since its inception R&P Control focused its activity on offering next generation technologies and solutions for energy efficiency and energy saving, it has recently opted for indoor air quality through its Annanair business line. From now on, R&P Control will offer within its catalog the environmental conditions monitoring solution, Nanoenvi® IAQ, a device developed by ENVIRA. It is a solution that not only improves the quality of the air breathed in buildings, but also contributes to improving the efficiency of interior spaces.

Why indoor air quality should be monitored?

Considering that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, breathing clean air is essential for health. The US Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoors, and the World Health Organization has warned that poor indoor air quality can cause short-term health risks. and long term.

Ensuring good indoor air quality can lead to improved bottom line, increasing employee productivity and consequently revenue. For example, increases in CO2 levels can cause a 21% decrease in productivity. In addition, a study led by Harvard University has indicated that poor indoor air quality can lead to annual losses of € 17,000 per employee.

Exposure to high levels of indoor air pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can cause headaches, dry throat, eye irritation, and runny nose. Likewise, exposure to particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM10) can also cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. All of these are symptoms associated with the well-known SBS (Sick Building Symptoms) or sick building syndrome.

Is it possible to guarantee good indoor air quality? The answer is yes. Buildings can achieve and maintain safe air levels with a monitoring system. Nanoenvi® IAQ is an IoT device that indicates when the air quality is above or below the thresholds recommended or permitted by the corresponding current regulations.

Nanoenvi IAQ, a device that monitors all air quality parameters

With a compact and modern design, the Nanoenvi® IAQ device can be easily installed in any interior room. It is equipped with high-definition sensors for monitoring the following parameters:

IAQ parameters

The IoT equipment covers a scope of seventy square meters and allows the managers of the facilities to act on the basis of data whose traceability is ensured, carrying out, if necessary, corrective actions that can improve indoor air quality and also energy efficiency.

Nanoenvi® IAQ has on its front a luminous LED display with which the users of the facilities will be able to know the quality of the air they breathe with the naked eye, through color codes.

The possible values ​​of the ambient air quality index are in the range 0-7, being:

  • 7 optimal quality (LEDs in blue).
  • 4-6 good quality (green LEDs).
  • 2-3 moderate quality (LEDs in yellow).
  • poor quality (red LEDs).


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From now on R&P Control consolidates its commitment to offering innovative solutions that are at the forefront of technology and sustainability. The importance of indoor air quality has come to stay, especially in this context of a new normal where public concern about the ventilation of closed spaces and the quality of the air that is breathed is increasingly present.


R & P Control committed to IoT technology for indoor air quality monitoring

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