IoT innovation model

All possible innovations (technological, organizational, commercial or any other kind) influence the business model that the company wants to develop to advance in the market.

Nowadays the old idea that a company is linked to a product development and this product is developed simply in a correct way does not fit in a market philosophy where competence forces companies to constantly develop improvements and reduce costs. Innovation is the cornerstone for any company that wishes to be a technological leader in the market, generating new innovative business models and alternative ways to profit, even if it means manufacturing the simplest and oldest product in the world.

Since 2009 ENVIRA Sostenible has been committed to a model of transversal innovation where all departments can use this area, specialized in the development of electronic items, device firmware and product design. Thanks to this structure, all personnel at ENVIRA Sostenible have the innovation resources needed to develop new cutting-edge projects.

Innovation at ENVIRA Sostenible works with the IT department to link electronic equipment to control and management software developed in-house. These two lines of work are closely related and are needed to achieve a complete final product for our client.

Besides, when the project so requires, we adopt a mixed model of open innovation, in cooperation with other organizations, universities and research centres.

Since 2009 ENVIRA Sostenible has increased its investment in innovation each year until the year 2015-2016, when it reached its highest level. This year the restructuring of the company has fostered interdepartmental and transversal work in this area of knowledge and new developments.