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ENVIRA has extensive experience in the management and exploitation of air quality networks belonging to public administrations, as well as innovative sensor networks that complement the measurements of the traditional networks by means of IoT devices.

Our team is highly specialized in the integration of all the elements in an air quality measurement system: the engineering and previous design, the supply of the equipment, the maintenance and, finally, the treatment of the data collected from the network.

The quality and pollution monitoring networks generate a significant amount of data each year. The main databases belonging to public administrations (or to competent authorities) contain the values recorded by the pollutant analysers and also weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, speed and direction.


Our company has extensive experience in the maintenance of the stations in air quality networks belonging to public administrations.
The maintenance of the stations is of utmost importance so that the data emitted by the analysers are totally reliable.

The operations of maintenance, verification and calibration are performed according to the protocols that our Quality Department has issued taking into account the regulations for each kind of analyser.

The maintenance takes place in ENVIRA's excellent workshops for repair and verification of analysers.


Handling the information sent from the stations to the control centre requires specific techniques and knowledge on data acquisition and initial treatment, data local storage and transmission to a control centre, and data processing by automatic systems or by the information processing staff.

ENVIRA provides Public Administrations with a highly qualified staff and intelligent software tools, so that all these processes may guarantee the best quality of the data collected and the presentation of reports with customized dash boards.


Our working tools include systems for massive data analysis, adapted to current regulations for each parameter and already validated in many projects, which guarantee the highest reliability of our work. Our consultants have been daily assessing data from several networks for years, including the following actions:

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