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Published on 30 March, 2016

Gobierno del Principado de Asturias


Ref. TSI-100502-2013-36


(Red Eranet)


Ref ID/2013/000024

UrVAMM develops a novel way for environmental monitoring in cities. Its technology is integrated into public local vehicles (i.e. buses, waste-collection vehicles, other vehicles for local services) with the aim of real-time monitoring of air quality. This equipment can be connected, in addition, with efficient driving systems and to the vehicle’s central unit to obtain more information through the use of the own technology.

Monitoring pollutants on the road allow for the accurate sampling of the levels established in environmental regulations, without mitigating circumstances such as distance or vegetation.

UrVAMM technology has become a tangible reality of environmental monitoring in cities with an unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.

Currently, cities like Valencia, Madrid, Gijón and Oslo are using the UrVAMM system in their public transport companies.