Water quality monitoring

ENVIRA IoT team designs integrated water quality monitoring systems: supply, in industrial facilities, treatment plants or treatment plants.

Components of water quality monitoring

The solution for monitoring water quality is composed of:

  • Sensor network
  • Acquisition and data communication systems.
  • Control center: Envira DS software.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Smart validation of the data.

Real-time monitoring

First, an analysis of the particular problems of the project is carried out and it is studied which variables need to be monitored, with what level of precision and accuracy, at which points and the restrictions when installing the different equipment. The possible alternatives of communication available are also analyzed.

After the initial study is designed the solution that best fits the client’s needs.

Among the parameters installed and maintained most commonly by our technicians, the most outstanding are:

  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Redox, Flow
  • Turbidity
  • Ammonium
  • Hydrocarbons

Data acquisition and communication systems

Data acquisition systems and environmental control centers have communication modules, both between them and with external systems. The most commonly used types of communication are:

Control center: ENVIRA DS

It is the heart of any water quality monitoring system. The tasks performed are:

  • Continuous control of water quality.
  • Support for the study of water quality.
  • Data management
  • Generation of reports, alerts and alarms.
  • Validation and exploitation of the data.
  • Water quality evaluation.

The control center, adapted to current legislation, incorporates the regulations into a Data Regeneration Module that includes all European legislation and is specific to each of the parameters.

Warning systems

Envira DS has a powerful system for managing episodic situations in case of overcoming levels marked by legislation.

These systems are customized to the specific requirements of each client, both in terms of calculation methods and information sent to interested parties.

The system allows sending personalized messages to users based on various parameters such as pollutant, affected area, etc.

Smart data validation

ENVIRA has developed an Artificial Intelligence tool for the early detection of anomalies in the operation of instruments for air quality monitoring networks.

This system is based on the latest developments on machine learning and the knowledge of our specialists.

The system has algorithms, particularized for each type of sensor, that analyze the input data and reports the operator of possible anomalies to avoid improper use of them in case of suspicion of being incorrect.


High reliability and availability data evaluation in real time.

Tailored system.

Total adaptation and integration with the systems of public administrations.

Open and integrable solution with external developments in any layer (device level, connectivity, CLOUD or user application).

Creation of data history for administrations.

It allows unlimited number of devices that can be included in future extensions.

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