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Weather monitoring for precision agriculture

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ENVIRA IoT has developed a monitoring solution for the control of weather variables in order to achieve maximum production in the crops.

The composition of the monitoring system

The system includes:

  1. A network of sensors capturing relevant variables about the weather through agroclimatic stations.
  2. A smart computer system for the exploitation of the weather data collected in order to generate warnings and notifications affecting the crops.

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Continuous professional meteorological monitoring

ENVIRA IoT’s wireless technology integrates remote weather monitoring systems adapted to the needs of precision agriculture, with the installation of sensors relevant for its activity:

  • Wind direction and speed.
  • Temperature.
  • Humidity.
  • Solar radiation.
  • UV radiation.
  • PAR
  • Pluviometry.
  • Barometric pressure.

Any other sensor for air monitoring can also be installed when needed. All these sensors are integrated with ENVIRA IoT ‘s data management system

With these systems, the user has real-time 24/7 information about the surroundings and thus can act ahead of time in case of special weather situations. As soon as the expert system detects any special situation, such as frosts or heavy rainfalls, it sends a warning to the authorized users.

Communication modules

The flexibility of the firmware displayed at Nanoenvi stations enables the direct integration of the equipment with any kind of IoT platform or control center -both cloud-based or local-, by means of communication protocols (messages format, communication and transport protocols, M2M networks) completely adapted to each case. The communications with the optional communication modules available at ENVIRA IoT are wireless, with technologies such as 3G, 4G, LORA® and soon Narrow-Band. Each remote module may be equipped with up to 6-16 sensors, depending on the model. The system is programmed for data acquisition according to the integration period desired and the data are sent wirelessly to the central module at planned intervals. As they are tailored systems, they can be programmed to send data to a server in the cloud belonging to ENVIRA IoT or to a third party.

Data display and analysis

The data wirelessly collected are transmitted to the IoT Envira DS platform, which receives, organizes and exploits them. The data can be treated in real time in order to get relevant information about crops, including particular algorithms for each application.

Examples of these algorithms are those applied in precision agriculture to calculate the probability of infestations depending on the weather conditions or the combination with a concentration of pollutants to determine the source in a specific pollution event.

This meteorological control in agriculture achieves:

  • Reduction in the risks related to weather variables.
  • Programming of phytosanitary activities.
  • Prevention of diseases and infestations.
  • Useful information about a possible risk of frosts.
  • Better knowledge of the state of the soil and the hydric needs.
  • Fit and quality harvests.
  • Optimization of available resources.

Warning systems

The electronics of acquisition and communication continuously controls the environmental variables on the crops and sends data to the control center at planned intervals of time.

Besides, if an expert system identifies an event that involves risk or an anomalous situation, a warning is sent to the data-handling center -by means of SMS or e-mails to the authorized users- with information about the monitoring point, date and hour.


Open and integrable solution with external developments at any level (device, connectivity, CLOUD or user application).

An unlimited number of devices can be included in future extensions.

High-reliable and available data in real time.

Tailored system.