Meteorological Systems

Our systems

Envira integrates weather monitoring systems adapted to your needs and installs the sensors relevant for the activity (sensors for wind direction and speed, temperature and air humidity, sun radiation, rainfall, barometric pressure and any other sensor needed).
All these sensors are integrated with our data handling system, from the simplest for precision farming applications to the most complex for meteorological research stations.
Our systems give the user real-time information (24/7) to know the environment and take measures in advance when there are special weather conditions.
It also has a system to send emergency data when certain conditions arise.

Acquisition and communications

Each remote module can be equipped with up to 8 or 16 sensors, depending on the model. The system is programmed to collect data according to a chosen integration period, and at planned intervals data are wirelessly sent to the cloud.
As the systems can be tailored, they can be programmed to send data to any server in the cloud belonging to Envira or to third parties.

Data handling

Data can be handled in real time with our platforms ENVIRA DS to collect relevant business information, adding particular algorithms for each application.
Examples of these algorithms are those applied in precision farming to calculate the probability of infestations according to weather conditions or the combination with a concentration of pollutants to detect the source in a certain pollution event.

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